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Reddit Users Review – Malwarebytes

Choosing an antivirus program can be quite a task for a modern user because of the wide variety of options and alternatives that all claim to be the perfect solution. That is where such platforms as Reddit, where users can post their unfiltered subjective opinion on their experience with different programs and discuss the actual topics. The Malwarebytes is a cybersecurity application that has not been on the market for too long, however, it has already gained some recognition. Exploring Malwarebytes Reddit reviews is the most efficient way to get all the information and nuances of the program.

What makes Malwarebytes special?

Malwarebytes was released back in 2006, but the concept of the application was completely different. It started to gain popularity among users quite recently due to the growing interest in the antivirus options. The increase in threats from the internet and hackers made users look for the best software and its alternatives. As for Malwarebytes, it is not the most popular one yet, but competes with more advanced applications and shows great results according to valid tests.

The opinions of Reddit users are controversial, but positive for the most part. There are people that consider it the best free antivirus for the computer, when others do not choose it as a daily protector. However, it is important to point out Malwarebytes’ features:

  • At its launch it was just a convenient tool for the identifying and deleting of the harmful software. It made a perfect combination with full-fledged antivirus applications. Today it offers a Premium version that can work alone and provide a solid protection.
  • People still can use a completely free Malwarebytes version as before. It cannot be treated as an ordinary antivirus because it lacks scanning functions.
  • Simple but functional interface and perfect scores in antivirus tests, but no additional features make it a controversial choice. Other developers can offer a bunch of functions like Parental control or Gaming mode for the same money.

The best way to use Malwarebytes

According to the majority of Reddit reviewers, the best way to use Malwarebytes is to combine it with Windows Defender. This option is affordable for everyone and has mane bebefits:

  • Both applications are completely free and have high levels of functionality.
  • You can easily turn off both of them without completely removing them from the computer.
  • Great customer support from both companies and constant updates of software increase the level of their functionality and convenience.
  • Two levels of protection are better than one.

Bottom line

Even though the opinions of Reddit users on Malwarebytes are controversial, people do consider it one of the best free applications on the market. They are right without any doubt. The best way to use it to gain all of the features of advanced antivirus applications is to use it together with Windows Defender.