Best Canon Printers 2021

Choosing the right printer for your needs is a daunting task. It is much easier to match a printer by a brand you can trust. Among dozens of manufacturers of office equipment, it is definitely worth highlighting Canon, which offers inkjet printers capable of producing the highest quality prints in a short period of time. At the same time, the cost of Canon MFPs is commensurate with their functionality, characteristics, and other qualities.

Best Canon Printers for Everyday Usage

Canon is known all over the world for the high quality, reliability, and functionality of its products. The Japanese manufacturer has achieved the greatest success in the field of printers and cameras. The brand focuses on industrial equipment, but nevertheless, the range includes many good models for home use.

They produce both inkjet and laser printers and MFPs; color and monochrome, they have a wide range of budget options. Thanks to their vast experience in the production of cameras and photo cameras, their printers are suitable for everyday and professional photo printing.

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If errors are observed when starting or running the program (data is not saved, some functions do not work correctly, etc.), the software may need to be run as an administrator. Sometimes this condition is stipulated on the developer’s site where the program is downloaded, sometimes it may appear as a message when you try to start the program for the first time. Plus, two full-size trays for 250 sheets of plain paper make the unit suitable for large projects. At the same time, printing costs will be within reasonable limits.

Ranking of the TOP 3 Best Canon Printers of 2021

  1. Canon i-SENSIS LBP6030B

The TOP hits a relatively inexpensive and miniature monochrome laser printer for a home or small office. Its compact size allows you to find a place for it even on a small desktop. At the same time, it is quiet and productive while maintaining the high print quality for which the manufacturer’s products are famous.

  1. SureColor P700

Need a photo printer for your home? The new SureColor P700 is designed specifically for photo printing. Its 10-channel printhead has separate channels for different shades, from aqua to matte black. You don’t need to switch between cartridges. UltraChrome Pro10 inks are incredibly durable, with color lasting 200 years and black and white for up to 400 years.

  1. Canon PIXMA iX6840

With a large input tray for a wide variety of paper sizes, exceptional price per print, and amazing photo quality, this printer is great for home use. This high-performance office printer is ideal for students thanks to the  A3 paper size and offers Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity and mobile printing.

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