How to use Data software to clean up legacy data

In a professional environment, those data and programs that are no longer supported by the system or are irrelevant to the company are called obsolete – and it is better not to have them in your company, because they slow down the work processes and clog up your system, making a mess. And if you ignore it all at some point it will snowball onto you, and you will spend hours to eliminate it all. In this article, we will tell you how to remove obsolete data with the help of special cloud software as data software.

Risks associated with legacy data

Two factors can be involved in obsolete software. The first is the employees who leave the company and thereby take away from you a valuable resource and knowledge that only he could manage. You will not be able to manage a program which only your former colleague knew the way to, so it becomes obsolete. The second factor is the expiration of the program support contract.

For example, if a program you have installed can no longer be supported by the vendor, it can no longer be patched, and you can’t resume support either. So it may lead to a small “hole” in your company’s security, plus if the software is old enough, none of the newcomers are likely to know how to operate it. It will also be a sign that it is time to improve your approach to business and use more modern technology, it will surely benefit your company. 

How can data software help you eliminate legacy data? 

Online data room brings a lot of benefits to any company by giving them the following benefits: 

  • Easy cost control-the flexibility of the data room allows you to offload any amount of data
  • Guaranteed the most secure solution – today’s quality data room vendors prioritize their data room security features and deploy the best security technology to completely protect you from outside attacks
  • Automatic hardware updates from servers – no need to worry about manual server updates, backups, etc.
  • Easy management and program interface to make your work even easier and more efficient
  • Easy integration with other gadgets in your company -this will help you reduce the cost of additional equipment for data collection in external locations
  • Connecting data from different sources with APIs will help you speed up your processes even more
  • Accessibility and flexibility -you can access your data room when and where you want, and with access control, you can decide who gets or doesn’t get access to what files and information
  • Create applications ready to go right away on their own and without programming – it’s very easy even if you want to collect data from different people in different places

How to do lossless data migration correctly 

Perform data migration by following these instructions: 

  • Mapping and fixing your current situation
  • Checking compatibility
  • Choice of data room
  • Choice of infrastructure (servers, network, system properties = cloud hardware)
  • Setting up your environment
  • Installing applications
  • Environmental testing
  • Recovering and/or preparing data
  • Data import
  • Environmental testing
  • You’re all set!