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Total AV VPN Review

As a rule, when choosing a VPN program, most Internet users prefer only the most famous and popular, well-established, and probably free VPNs. This approach is completely justified. But it is still not worth abusing it. Otherwise, we risk remaining behind the wall of our own unshakable confidence in the reliability of the VPN product we have chosen. While in reality, everything may turn out to be completely different.

There are other VPN programs in the world. Yes, maybe they are not as well-known as, say, ExpressVPn or NordVPN. But they are no less effective and convenient. In general, the importance of VPNs in the modern world is difficult to overestimate. Therefore, we decided to make this Total AV VPN review.

Total AV VPN Description

Total AV VPN is a powerful, convenient, and easy-to-use VPN product. It is designed to provide basic protection for a personal computer against various hackers. Also, it helps to make your internet connection to be anonymous.

Additional features of the VPN include automatic scanning of removable media, recovery of malicious changes caused by the actions of spy programs, creation of rules for an external device, and protection against exploits hidden in any file type. Yes, this VPN is very similar to antivirus programs.

Features of the Interface

Total AV VPN has a simple, but at the same time somewhat peculiar interface with a characteristic minimalistic design. There is no standard navigation menu, which makes it somewhat difficult to navigate from one section to another. Instead, access to the main functions of the program is provided through graphic design elements. The main window of the program displays the status, the date of the last update, and the version of the VPN databases.

More detailed information about the protection status can be obtained by clicking on the small arrow in the upper right corner. By default, all protection components are enabled. This includes Real-Time Protection, Email Scanning, Exploit Protection, Browser Protection, Behavior Monitor, and Performance Monitor.

Key Features of Total AV VPN

Like most VPNs, Total AV VPN supports a huge amount of servers in different countries. In the quick mode, your protection simply becomes totally anonymous and you can safely surf the Web. And if you use settings, you can make everything work in the way you want, making some things work while disabling other features.

If you download it together with their antivirus program, then you can use additional modes that include scanning of rootkits, cookies, especially vulnerable zones, as well as checking for critical changes in the computer’s security system. It is also possible to selectively scan files and folders from the Explorer context menu. Therefore, we can say that this VPN provider is totally reliable. Therefore, it is recommended to download and try it.