Time-saving virtual data room features to get your deals done more effectively

The market of virtual data rooms is still developing and expanding, without even thinking of stopping. Programs have gained such popularity because they meet all modern business requirements at the moment and can help make your business more efficient. They provide you with three main aspects: security, mobility, ease of use, and in this article, we will take a closer look at the main features of data rooms which will help you perform various business processes in half the time.

Security Features

Everyone knows that virtual data rooms put security first when providing their services. They are often compared to the level of military or banking security, and they have long been proven to be able to keep your sensitive data intact. VDRs protect against data breaches and unauthorized access by providing secure storage and document sharing space. Typically, data rooms use security features such as:

  • Data encryption -assists with document sharing and keeps from leakage as encrypted data provides no value
  • Dual authentication – besides the password, users have to enter a one-time code that comes to their cell phone. Protection against unauthorized access
  • Document Interaction Control – gives you the ability to prevent any user from copying, printing, editing, sending, or even taking a screenshot of the document
  • Viewing Control – You also decide who can view the document, making it easier for unauthorized users to access the document during the due diligence process and protecting yourself from data leaks within the company

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence helps and simplifies many processes for you and your employees. For example, it helps you organize documents more easily because it automates half of the functions while also saving you time. During document management, AI will help you make sure you don’t bring an existing document into the space.

Another instance where AI can help is when you want to link two documents together. When you type a new document, the AI can figure out which document you want to link it to and do it for you.

It also makes it easy to find the right file among the huge volume of all the other downloaded documents. It offers a full-text search function, where you can enter part of the text from the document you want to find and use those keywords to find what you’re looking for.

Tracking feature

One of the main features of the virtual data room that allows you to constantly monitor all the processes that take place within the space is the tracking function. Administrators can track the activity of all users: what time they entered the spaces and when they exited, how documents they viewed, and how many times. What actions do they perform with those documents? That way, if you do several due diligence checks with different parties, you can understand who is most interested in the deal and who is not worth their time.

It also helps managers track the progress of the projects their employees are working on and find and correct a mistake, if any, in time.

Improved communication

Due to circumstances, remote working and communication have become a necessity. But VDRs like datarooms.com.br provide you and your potential customers with the means to instantly ask questions and get answers just as quickly. Talk about any important information in a completely secure environment, either through encrypted chat or through the Q&A feature.