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Ways to Fix the ‘Users Account is Locked’ Error in Your Nvidia Account

The community of the Nvidia website is pretty large and has different interests in regard to the leader in computer technology. Whether you’re a developer or just a user who is interested in buying some software or hardware, this is a place for communication. However, it only works so long as you can use your account. And it has occurred that some visitors were unable even to log in when they encountered an error that claims: “Users account is locked”. You will find the solution to this problem in this article.

Why do you need a Nvidia account?

To improve video card optimization in games, you should install the latest drivers downloading it from the manufacturer`s official website. As for Nvidia graphics cards, use the GeForce Experience software for the Windows operating system. In this program, you will need to bind your Nvidia account. Moreover, the utility allows you to find automatically and install the latest drivers, record high-resolution game videos, and broadcast gameplay to popular streaming services.

Reasons the account may be locked

It is usually not anything to worry about when you log in to your account. Nevertheless, some visitors who are members of the Nvidia community were unable to log in using their email address and password. It turned out that their accounts were locked. This is mainly due to the fact that you`ve tried to log in several times, especially when you`ve entered your login details incorrectly 10 times. In this case, a 403 error or some other will occur, and your account will be locked.

Alternate login options

Certainly, there are a lot of alternate login options that probably are functioning. You can use your existing accounts in such services as Google, WeChat, Facebook, or QQ to log in to the system without any problems. But this does not mean you have to. Anyway, the first thing you need to do is to check if your internet connection is working.

How to fix the error

Many users wonder how to solve the problem with their Nvidia account locked. Therefore, there are two ways that you can try. First, we recommend:

  • to clean out the browser cache;
  • to remove a password that was saved for your account.

If this does not help, the most likely appropriate solution is to reset the password. Follow the actions:

  • Open the Nvidia website where is a webpage with your account and choose there “Need help logging in?”. Then you will be redirected to the Help page, where you can find “Reset Password”.
  • Fill in the email address you specified when creating your Nvidia account.
  • You will receive a link with an email letter. Click this link and create a new password.
  • Try to log in entering a new password into your Nvidia account.

It is appeared to be a general solution to the problem with this error that concerns many visitors. If you still can’t log in to the system, refer to the support team, and give a situation report.