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Windows 11 is its Way: Is it Truth?

There were a lot of rumors around Windows 11. Someone claimed that 10 is the latest version of the popular OS. Some proved the opposite, referring to a lot of flaws and punctures in Windows 10. And after years of disputes and fakes, official information appeared: Windows 11 release will take place and it will be soon enough.

For over twenty years, the vast majority of home PC users have installed Windows. Over the years, we have gotten many examples of both completely failed operating systems (ME, Vista, 8), and quite successful ones.

Is it true that Windows 11 is waiting for a release?

The current tenth version is successful. According to various estimates, the number of its users can now exceed seven hundred million. Nevertheless, it has many annoying shortcomings, and, according to Microsoft experts, Windows 11, which will be released in 2020, will be better than her in everything.

Advantages of Windows 11

Windows 11 is expected to be a universal system due to its modular structure. This means that it will be possible to put it not only on PCs and laptops, but also on tablets, smartphones and other gadgets. You will no longer need to download special versions of the operating system. Also, a change in architecture means that the system will run faster. It will also become safer and more stable, and on stand-alone devices, it will stop consuming battery power too much.

If you believe the information received from insiders, the new version of Windows will also support PWA, UWP and Win32 applications. This means that she will not have compatibility problems with old programs and games. Everything that works now on the “top ten” will work on the new operating system.

A new approach to creating

The most important thing that will undoubtedly please ordinary users is that the approach to updating the system will change. Now 10 suffers a lot from this: if you blink the light during the system update, or something else happens that leads to a sudden shutdown of the computer, you will have problems with this. The whole system will refuse to work. In Windows 11, this cannot happen due to the modular structure and the ability to return to normal settings with the click of a button.

Other changes will be more cosmetic. So, Microsoft is going to redesign the Start menu, as well as bring all applications to a standard look. The operating system may become less colorful as a result, but it will be easier to figure it out.

The beta version of the eleventh version of Windows is due out in the first half of 2020. Licensed 10 users will likely be allowed to upgrade to the new OS for free.

So, all that remains for us is to wait for 2020 and see for yourself the reliability of this information. In the meantime, let’s hope that the next version will be many times more successful and thoughtful than the current ten.